With gPanel version 2, we're excited to offer our brand new reporting feature.  Running a report will populate a Google Sheet in your Drive account with all of the requested information.

 Report     Function
 Email Delegate   Reports who has Email Delegate access to the selected user(s)
 Email Monitor
Reports who is Email Auditing the selected user(s)
 Super AdminReports on whether the user is a Google Super Admin 
 User ProfileReports the User Profile field information for the selected user(s) 
 Email ForwardingReports on the Email Forwarding status of the selected user(s) 
 Last LoginReports the last login date and time for the selected user(s) 
 Suspended UserReports on the Suspended status of the selected user(s) 
 Two Factor Enrolled Reports the Two-Factor Authentication enrollment status of the selected user(s)

Running Reports

In gPanel, you can choose to run the reports on a single user, or multiple users.  Here's how:
  • Open the User Management user list 
  • Next, select the checkbox next to the user(s) you wish to run the reports on 
  • From the Actions drop-down menu, select Reports.
  • Choose the report you wish to run.  You will receive a confirmation box that the report has started, along with a link to the report.