[Bulk Operations] User

User Operations allow you to modify account and profile information for multiple users in one bulk job.  
Begin by clicking Add Bulk Operation.

Setup User Bulk Operation

The first step is to give the Operation a name and, optionally, a description. Select User for the operation type.

Next, click Select Columns from the menu on the right.

From the Available Columns list, select those columns you wish to have in the spreadsheet you will
use for the import. Once you have selected the columns you wish to modify, click Add Selected.

Select Sources from the menu on the right.

You will now select the source users for the bulk import. You can add source users by email address, group membership, 
org unit, or gPanel role by clicking the corresponding button to the right of the search field. As you type in the search field, 
potential matches will populate in the sources list below. Alternatively, by selecting the Browse tab, you can select the sources from
all of the options available in your domain.

In the example below, we're adding all users in the US Sales org unit to the import spreadsheet.

The final setup screen will allow you to review your configuration choices. If you would like to send email notifications
on completion of the import, check the corresponding box to Send Email Notifications and enter the
user(s) who will receive the notifications.

After review, click Submit to create the spreadsheet that will be used for the import.

Update the Spreadsheet

Once you have setup the import, it will appear in the list of Bulk Imports.  Select View Spreadsheet by selecting the import
and clicking the three vertical dots.

This will open your customized Google Sheet template in a new browser tab.  The Sheet will contain the users and columns you selected during
the setup step.

The first column, User Email, is required for the import and cannot be edited.
Important! If the User Email is changed, the import will fail for all other changes to that user.

Columns that modify the user account are described below

  • Add Nicknames: allows you to add email aliases to the account
    • separate multiple email aliases with a comma
    • Important! If you enter an alias for the user here for an email address that already exists, it will cause a failure
  • Change Org: allows you to change the org unit the user resides in
    • You must specify the full path of the org unit.  Use just a forward slash / to indicate the top level org unit  
    • For Example: To you move a user to the root organization you would just put a / by itself in the Change Org column. Anything underneath the root level would look like /location in the Change Org column.
  • New Password: specify a new password for the account
  • Account Status: allows you to suspend or unsuspend the account
    • Use "suspend" (without quotes) to suspend the account and "unsuspend" to restore the account
  • Hide from Directory: will hide the user's profile from the Contacts Directory
    • Use "hide" (without quotes) to hide the user's profile and "show" to make the user's profile visible
  • Forward: specify an email address the user will auto-forward their mail to (this must an email address on your domain)
  • Delegates: specify another user or users to act as mail delegates for the account
    • separate multiple email addresses with a comma
  • Modify Groups: add the user to or remove them from a group
    • Important! You must use a ' before the + in Google sheets for the first + to avoid an error, ex. '+groupA@yourdomain.com
    • To remove them from a group use - before the email, ex. -groupA@yourdomain.com
    • To add them to a group use a + before the email, ex. +groupA@yourdomain.com
    • Separate multiple groups with a comma
  • Rename: rename the user's primary email address/Google Apps username
    • you must specify the entire email address including the domain name

Important! To update addresses, a format template must be used or select the unformatted address columns for the bulk operation.  
The format to be used is below:


You can copy and paste the above format into the spreadsheet cell you wish to modify. Individual fields in the template can be
left blank if they are not needed. For example, to update a user profile work address to be "123 Main St. New York, NY", paste
the following into the Work Address column:

streetAddress::123 Main St.
locality::New York

Run the Spreadsheet

Once you have made the desired changes to the user profiles in the spreadsheet, select Run Now by clicking the three vertical dots
for that import job.  

A review screen will appear listing the first five rows of the spreadsheet to be used for the import.  Click the Import Now button
at the bottom of the screen to begin the import.  The import will run and will make any necessary updates to the groups that
are listed in the spreadsheet.

Clearing Fields

If you want to clear a field, put the keyword CLEAR in the cell.  If a field has multiple entries this will only clear the first one.
If a certain field has multiple entries, such as address or work email address, and you want to clear all of them, put the keywords CLEAR ALL in the cell.  Both of these fields are CASE SENSITIVE.