User Management > Delete User

Remove User

  1. To delete a user, first select the user you wish to delete from the user list.  Next, click on Actions in the upper right corner.


  2. A pop up window should appear. From here, click Users and select Delete Users.


The Remove User window will appear and prompt you to confirm the user for deletion.

If you find that you have selected the wrong user, then simply click "Cancel" and start over.

Make Username Immediately Reusable:

Normally, a username cannot be reused immediately after being deleted. Google prevents the reuse of the address while they are busy deleting all of the users files.

If you allow gPanel to rename the account before you delete it, the username that you just deleted can be immediately used elsewhere.
Please note that recreating a new user account too soon can result in the incomplete deletion of a the user's documents, calendars, sites, and other files.

To make the username immediately reusable, check the corresponding option.  This will display the New Email field where you can rename
the user to be removed.  By default, gPanel will rename the account with a randomized email address.

Next, select all three checkboxes at the bottom to confirm that you understand the impact of deleting the user's account.

Finally, click the "Remove User" Button to continue.