User Management > Personal Contacts

Personal Contacts

To view and edit a user's personal contacts, first select the user from the user list on the left and then click Personal Contacts from the
User Management options.

To view only those contacts in a particular contact group, select that contact group from the Group menu. 

Search Contacts

To search for specific contacts, enter a full or partial name of the contact in question into the Search Bar and hit Enter or click the Search icon.

To clear the search results, select the Clear Results icon.

Add Contact

To create a contact for your user, click on the "Add Contact" button.

The "New Contact" window will appear.  Enter information in the Name and Email fields and click "Add Contact" to save the contact.

Edit Contact

To edit a contact, select the existing contact from the user's list of contacts and then select the "Edit Contact" button. 

To edit a contact field, follow the directions below:
  1. Select the field that you wish to edit and type in the new information.  
  2. Optionally, you can change the fields from the drop-down menu as well, or move the order of which they are displayed.
  3. Once you have made the desired changes, click Save.

Delete Contact

To delete a contact, select the existing contact from the user's list of contacts and then select Delete Contacts button.  You can delete multiple contacts simultaneously by checking all of the contacts from the list that you 
wish to delete. 

Click Remove on the Remove Contact window to confirm the deletion.

Move Contact

To move one or more contacts to a different contact group, select the existing contact(s) from the list and then select Move Contacts
from the More Actions menu.

Select the contact group from the New Contact Group drop-down that you wish to move the contact(s) to from the confirmation window
and click Move Contacts.

Manage Contact Groups

To delete or edit a user's contact groups, click on the 3 dots to the right of the group you wish to edit/delete.

Click Remove from the confirmation window to confirm the deletion.

To create a group click on the "Add Group" buttonThe "Add New Contact Group" window will appear.
Enter the Group Title and click on "Add Group".


This is an export of the Users Personal Contacts to a Drive document so they can be viewed/sorted easier on top of being more of a "Report" for their contacts. This will pull all of the selected Users contacts, we believe this is a great tool for increasing the granular visibility into individual Users contacts. 

To run the export, begin by selecting the user from User Management. Once in the users Profile page, select Personal Contacts

Once in the Users personal contacts, simply select "Export" which is located on the right hand part of the user interface next to the "Move Contact" & "Refresh

You will see a prompt that a Drive document has been created, click the hyper-linked "here" to quickly access it.