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  1. 1 History


This feature allows you to view, filter, and export logs about the selected user. Please note that these logs are actions taken in gPanel.  
To access this feature select the user and then History from the User Management menu.

Begin by selecting the type of filter(s) you wish to use from the following:
  • App Log Type
    • All Users
    • Application
    • Calendar
    • Domain
    • Error
    • gPanel Role
    • Group 
    • Org Unit
    • Site
    • User
    • Contact 
  • Performing User
  • Target
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Module
    • Audit & Compliance
    • Risk Management 
    • Discovery
    • Reporting
    • Security
    • Tools
    • Administration
    • Export
    • Users
    • Directory 
    • Calendars
    • Drive
    • Sites
  • Role Permission
For each filter type, enter in the filter parameter in the corresponding field.  For example, if you select Start Date
as the filter type, select the date from the calendar drop-down.  

Click Add and the filter will displayed in the filter list.  Once you have entered in all of your desired search filters, click Search.
The results of the search will be displayed below

To export the results to a Google Sheet in your Drive account, click Export Results.  Click the link in the pop-up window to
open the Export Sheet in a new tab in your browser.