User Management > Gmail Settings

Gmail Settings

To view and edit a user's Gmail Settings, select the user and click the Gmail Settings from the user management options.

General Settings

    1. To view and edit Gmail general settings for the current user, first click on General in the sub-menu.

    2. You will now be shown the general settings window. From this window you can edit the following Gmail settings:
  • Language
  • Page Size
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Personal level indicators: 
  • Snippets
  • Outgoing message encoding
  • Web Clips
  • IMAP Access
Click Save to finalize your changes.

Account Delegation

This feature is used when you want to permit another user access to your current user's mailbox.

A delegate has the following access to the user's mailbox:
  • Read, send, and delete emails
  • Access the user's contacts via Gmail
  • Select To, Cc, or Bcc links in the mail compose window
A delegate CANNOT change the user's account password, settings, or chat.

    1. To view and edit a users account delegates, first click on Account Delegation in the sub-menu.

    2. Enter delegates and click the Add Account Delegate button. Click the x to remove a delegate. 


    1.To create a Gmail filter for a user, first click on Filters in the sub-menu.

    2. Enter the conditions that you want to filter by.  At least one of the conditions must be entered to continue.Next, click Create filter with this search at the bottom of the form. 

    3. Select the action you want taken on mail that matches the filter criteria.  At least one of the actions must be selected to add the filter. 

    4. Click Save.


Send As

    1. To create and edit Send As accounts for your current user, click Send As from the sub-menu.

    2. To add a Send As account for the current user, enter in the information under Add a new Send As Account:
        Click Add Account to save the new Send As account.

    3. To edit an existing Send As account, first select the account from the Existing Send As Accounts drop-down. Edit the account's information and then click Update Account to save the changes.



    1. To view and add Gmail Labels for your current user, first click on Labels in the sub-menu. 

    2. Enter the name of the new Label and click the Add Gmail Label button.

Pop Settings

To edit the current user's POP Settings, select the corresponding option from the sub-menu.

From here you can do the following:
  • Enable/Disable POP
  • Enable POP for all mail or only mail from now on
  • Specify action to perform on Gmail's copy when mail is accessed with POP
    1. Click Save to save your changes.

Vacation Responder

    1. To setup a vacation responder for the current user, click on Vacation Responder in the sub-menu.

You are presented with the following options:
  • Enable/Disable the vacation message.
  • Specify a first and last day for the responder to be active.
  • Create the subject and vacation message.
  • Toggle whether the response will be sent to any sender or only those senders in the user's contacts.
  • Toggle whether the response will be sent to senders in any domain or only senders in the user's domain.
    2. Click Save to finalize your changes.


    1. If you need to forward your current user's messages to another address, click Forwarding in the sub-menu.

    You are presented with the following options:
  • Enable/Disable Forwarding
  • Specify the email address that the user's email will be forwarded to.  This must be an email address on your domain.
  • Specify action to perform on the user's Gmail copy of forwarded messages.
    2. Click Save to finalize your changes.


From the Signature menu, you can preview the email signature currently configured for the user.

Optionally, you can choose to exclude the current user from any Signature Templates you've created in gPanel. 

If you wish to edit the user's signature, click Edit Signature to open the Signature Editor.