User Management > Calendars

To Create, Edit, Delete, or Share a User's Calendar select the user and click on Calendars.

Add New Calendar

    1. Click on Add Calendar icon (plus sign) to start the process of adding a new calendar. 

    2. Enter the following information for the user's new calendar and click on Create.
  • Name (Required)
  • Location
  • Timezone
  • Description

Delete Calendar

    1.  Select the calendar from the user's list of calendars. Click on Delete Calendar. 

    2. Click on Delete (trash can icon) to confirm the calendar deletion. 

Edit Calendar Information

    1. Select the calendar to edit from the list of the user's calendars. From there you can edit the following information:
  • Title
  • Location
  • Timezone
  • Color
  • Description
  • If the calendar is shown to other users 
    2. Click on Save to save any changes made to the calendar. 

Edit Calendar Shares

    1. Select the calendar to edit the sharing from the list of the user's calendars. 

    2. Click on Share to open the share settings.

    3. From here you can do the following
  • Change the default visibility level
  • Change share setting for existing shares
  • Remove existing shares
  • Add new shares

    4. To add new share users to the calendar, enter their email address(es) in the Add People field.  You can add
        multiple users or groups by separating them with a comma.  Click Share & Save to add your new shared users.