[Sites] Sharing

Add a user 

Highlight the site you would like to add a user to and click on .


Highlight the user or users you want to add and set the permissions.
  • Owners can edit sites, delete sites, create new sites, invite collaborators, invite viewers, delete the site, and edit themes and layouts. 
  • Viewers can only view the content of a site, they cannot edit the site, and can be shared with specific users or the entire domain.
  • Collaborators have similar permissions as owners. They can edit and delete sites that already exist, and create new sites. 

Remove a User

When you are wanting to remove a user or set of users from a site, highlight the names you want to remove and click on 


A menu will them pop up to show the progress. After it is done, click "Close".

Edit User Sharing

Edit Sharing allows you to change the permissions of a user that has already been added to the site. Highlight the user you want to change and click on 


Click on the appropriate permission you want and click .

Domain Sharing

Domain sharing is like user sharing except instead of individual users, you are adding permissions to the whole domain. With the site selected, click on 

You can change the permissions for the whole domain to viewer, collaborator, or none. When you have picked the appropriate permission, click on .

Refresh Sharing

When you click on the  tab, it will refresh all of the permissions and users with that site.