[Tools] Shared Links

The Shared Links feature delivers web links to users, organizations, and entire domains. It allows an Administrator to present links to the entire domain with minimum effort, and maximum efficiency. 

For example, an Administrator could send a new link to a sales team that linked them to new product information. The group members would simply need to select the Sales Team link, and they are on the same site.

Gone are the days of sending multiple emails to your domain, and explaining how to bookmark pages across multiple browsers. With the Shared Links feature, information is literally a click away.

Installing the Gmail Gadget

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Log in to your Gmail Account

 Click the "Gmail Settings Icon".   Select the "Mail Settings" link.

Select the "Labs" link from the Settings Menu.

Search for "Add Any Gadget" in the search bar. 

Enable the "Add Any Gadget by URL" Lab and save your changes. 

Add Shared Links Gadget

Select the "Gadgets" link from the Settings Menu. If Gadgets does not appear, refresh the browser. 

 Type https://promevogpanel.appspot.com/gLink/Sidebar.gadget.xml  into the Gadget URL field, and select the "Add" button.

This will add the gPanel Shared Links gadget.

Using Shared Links in Gmail

 The gPanel Shared Links gadget is located in your Gmail toolbar. Click "..." to show your gadgets. 

Select the list from the drop down menu. The links will populate below the drop menu.