[Shared Contacts] Import Contacts

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Import Contacts

Select the "Import Contacts" button.

The "Choose Import Source" will pop up. From here you have two options, Import from a google user account  or Import from a CSV document.   

Select the option you'd like to import contacts with. 

Import from Google

Click "Import"

Enter the Google account email address and password. Click "Save" 

The Progress bar will display the progress. Once completed click "Close"

Import from CSV file

Select Import from a CSV document and click Import

Click Browse and navigate to your CSV file. 

Open your CSV file. 

 Click File Upload

At this point you will map your CSV fields to Shared Contact fields. The first row of your CSV file will be the keys used to map to the following Shared Contact fields:
  • Primary Email
  • Name
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Additional Name
  • Phone
  • Person
  • Email
  • Address
  • Messaging
  • Website
  • Notes
  • Organization
  • Gender
  • Birthday 
  • Age
  • Job Title
  • Company
  • Job Department
  • Job Description
  • Nickname
  • Maiden Name
  • Not Mapped
  • Dates 
  • Custom

Your Key will show the key values from the first row of your CSV file while Your Data will show examples of entries under those columns. 

Click on the drop down arrow to select the Shared Contact Field to map your key to. Important! Some fields will have an additional Relation Type fields to select as well. 

Show Import Key

    Important! Always click Show Import Key to get your Import transaction key. This is needed for any troubleshooting if you get errors while running the  

To get your Import Key first click on the Show Import Key button

A window will pop up with your Import Key. Keep a copy of this key in your records in case technical support is needed. Click Ok once you have copied your key. 

Preview Contacts

Click on Preview Import to review your contacts' information. 

In the Preview window you can double check the data that will matched with contact fields. 

From here you have three choices
  • Do Not Import Selected: will import contacts that are not selected
  • Import Selected: will import contacts that are selected
  • Import All: will import all contacts listed whether they are checked or not

The progress of the contact import will be displayed. Click Close when the import has completed.

Your new shared contacts will appear in the shared contact screen of the Directory module. They will also be available to your users in their Gmail accounts using auto-complete and search features.