[Shared Contacts] Delete Contacts

    [ Edit Contacts ]

Delete Contact

Select the appropriate User.

Select the "Delete Contact" button.

Click "OK" to confirm deletion. 

Bulk Delete

Select the appropriate user. 

Select the "Bulk Delete" button. You may have to press the extender button to view the Bulk Delete button. 

Select the check mark box next to the ID column that corresponds to the email. Multiple contacts can be deleted, and by selecting the top check mark box next to ID, all contacts will be selected. 

The "Contact Search bar" allows contacts to be searched and deleted as well. 

 Once all required contacts are selected for deletion, click the "Delete" button.

A confirmation box will appear. Click "OK" to continue the deletion process. 

Purge Imported Contacts

Alternative option to deleting Contacts is to purge all contacts. This will delete all previously imported contacts. 

An information box will appear. Click 'YES" to continue the process.