Configuring gPanel

Turn gPanel ON for Everyone

* Note, If you have just installed gPanel then you can skip down to step 4. *

gPanel must be turned on for all orgs in order to function correctly. If gPanel is turned on selectively by org unit, 
the app will not function correctly.  You can check that gPanel is turned on for all orgs from the Google admin console, > Apps > Marketplace Apps.  The entry for gPanel should be configured like the screen below:

Enable Data Access

Data Access must be granted for gPanel. Navigate to > Apps > Marketplace Apps > gPanel to verify that Data Access is granted. If you see Approval Needed, follow the steps below to grant access.

1) Click on Data Access

2. Click Grant Data Access

You will now see that Data Access has been granted. 

Enable API Access

1. Go to your admin panel dashboard at

2. Click Security > API reference. (Note, security may be under More Controls)

3. Check Enable API access.

4. Click Save Changes.

Add Secondary Domains to gPanel

Any secondary domains that you wish to administrate with gPanel must be added to gPanel.

1. Log into gPanel and Select Administration > Settings from the left-hand Menu.

2. Click Secondary Domains, type in the secondary domain that you wish to add, then click Add Domain.

3. Next click the Save button.  gPanel will automatically index the users in that domain and you will now be able to administrate them.

(Optional) Create an Admin Role with Reporting API Privileges

This step is only necessary if a gPanel Admin or Sub-Admin is a in an Administrator role in Google's Admin Panel but not a Super-Admin.  Unless you have been specifically directed here, you can skip this step.

1) Navigate to
2) Select Admin Roles from the dashboard.

3) Select Create A New Role.

4) Name the role Reporting API and click Create.

5) Select the Reports permission, then click Save Changes.

6) Select the Admins tab and click Assign Admins. Type in the name of the user you wish to grant and click Confirm Assignment.