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November 10, 2014

posted Nov 10, 2014, 8:08 AM by Mike Schlanser   [ updated Nov 10, 2014, 8:18 AM ]
Feature Releases
  • gPanel > User Portal
    • We now have User Profile viewing / editing on the user portal of gPanel
    • We now have Group management in the user portal of gPanel allowing owners of groups to manage the members/owners of that group from gPanel
    • We now have Shared Contacts in the user portal of gPanel allowing users to view the shared contacts in the Google Apps domain
  • gPanel > Administration

    • Added in the ability for admins to switch to the user portal
  • gPanel > Top Right Navigation
    • We now show the role of the current user in the user details popup when the user profile picture is clicked
  • gPanel > Tools > Signature Templates
    • Added in the ability to allow the editing of the text highlight color.
  • gPanel > User Management > User Creation
    • When creating a new user now, the general settings for that user will be shown after creation
  • gPanel > Settings > Google Apps Licenses
    • You can now add additional Google Apps licenses from gPanel when Promevo is your Google Apps reseller
  • gPanel > Settings > Custom Labeling
    • You can now customize the logo and top color of the user portal for your domain
  • gPanel > Google Sites
    • You can now clone an existing site with gPanel
  • gPanel > Settings > Set gPanel Admin
    • You can now set the gPanel administrator for your domain
  • gPanel > Tools > Bulk Operations
    • We now have a new improved flow and interface for making bulk changes in your domain including ( Groups, Users and Shared Contacts ).

Bug Fixes
  • gPanel > Login

    • Fixed an issue that would cause intermittent issues during the login process

  • gPanel > User Management > Personal Contacts
    • Fixed an issue with a Google error when retrieving personal contacts for a user
  • gPanel > Reports
    • Group Membership - Fixed a error when sometimes writing to the spreadsheet will get a Google error
    • Docs Activity - Fixed an error when pulling documents for some users
  • gPanel > User Management > User Profiles
    • Fixed an issue when viewing the user profile section in IE causing the drop down images to be cutoff
  • gPanel > User Portal > Group Management
    • Fixed an issue with loading groups if the current user does not own any groups in the domain
  • gPanel > Drive > Ownership transfer logs
    • Fixed an issue with filtering between successfully moved documents and errored documents
  • gPanel > Drive
    • Fixed an issue with setting a document to trashed
  • gPanel > User Management > Gmail Settings
    • Fixed an issue when adding a gmail account delegate to a user
    • Fixed an issue with the add account button not enabling when using type ahead to add a Send As email address
    • Fixed an issue with the add account button not enabling when using type ahead to add a Forwarding email address
  • gPanel > User Management > Group Membership
    • Fixed an issue when adding a member to a group
    • Fixed an issue and created a descriptive user notification when trying to add a member to a group causing a cyclic membership.
  • gPanel > Gmail Exports
    • Fixed an error when retrieving the gmail exports for a user
  • gPanel > Drive > Drive Explorer
    • Fixed an issue when retrieving the permissions of a file on some users / files
  • gPanel > Policies
    • Fixed an issue when running the scheduled run and building the policy object
  • gPanel > Indexing
    • Fixed an issue with indexing when the gPanel admin user has the "Reports" permission turned off in Google Apps