Plans & Billing > G Suite

**Note, you will need to install gPanel in order to add G Suite licenses automatically.  gPanel is normally a paid service but is provided FREE for all Promevo customers with G Suite domains.**

The G Suite section is where you can view you next payment, view your plan, setup your 
payment method, add licenses as well as set and edit your billing information.


In this section you can view your next payment, the details of your plan, add licenses and setup a 
payment method for incremental licenses and auto renewal payments.

 Clicking the Setup Payment Method link will take you to the Payment Method section.

Manage Licenses 

This section allows you to view your current G Suite license count as well as purchase additional licenses.  If you do not see the Manage Licenses option, please go to the Billing Information item and set your Billing Information.

Add Licenses

To add licenses click Manage Licenses.

On the add licenses page select the quantity of licenses and payment method, then click update.

Billing Information

This section allows you to edit your billing address and contact information for the domain.

To edit your billing information fill out the fields and click Update Info.

Payment Method

In this section you can save a credit card for future use on incremental license purchases and automatic 
renewal payments, but it is not required to have a card stored to purchase additional licenses.

To save a credit card, fill in the required fields and click Save.