Directory > Organizational Units

Organizational Units ( Orgs ) are found under Directory and will allow you to create Orgs , search Orgs, view users in the Org, and move users to different Orgs. 

Create New Org

    1. Click the plus button on the top navigation bar to create a new Org Unit. 

    2. Enter the name of the new Org Unit. Optionally, enter the Description and choose a Parent Organization as well. Click on Add Organization

Edit Org Unit

    1. Select the Org to edit and click Organization Actions. From there, click Edit Org Unit

    2. Update the Org Name, Description, or Parent Org then click Update Organization

Delete Orgs

    1. Select the Org to delete and click Organization Actions. From there click Delete Org. 

    2. Click on Remove Organization to confirm the deletion. 

Search Orgs

    1. Enter the name of the Org in the search box. The type ahead feature will list any matching Orgs as well. 

    2. Alternatively, you can select the Org from the list of Orgs below the search bar. 

Move Users

    1. Select the user to move and click the Move Org button. 

    2. Enter the Org name that you wish to move the user to or click the Browse Org icon the select from the list of Orgs. Click Process to continue.