My Account

My Account:

  The "My Account" tab located under Plans & Billing, has a few user settings that can change the way certain information is displayed in gPanel for you. .Each setting is detailed in it's section below!

 Button Settings:

 Next to "Button Settings" you will see an action slider. Depending on which direction the slider is, will determine whether or not buttons and other action items inside gPanel are shown as icons or words for their direct action(s). This will default to icons, so to show text instead check the slider and you will see it slider over to "Text" then as well highlight green.
Then as you can see already, the icons in the upper right hand have changed to text. This is for all of your view within gPanel, so whether you're in User Management or running a Bulk Operation. You will now see text instead of icons.

That's it for the button settings, rather simple way to adjust and customize the gPanel interface more for your needs!

 User Management Display Density:

The User Management Display density option when checked will show an more compact view of the User Management page. It eliminates the rich content in page so for those with larger user sets or on more metered connections can quickly load the page. Think of this as an Plain text view of the User Management portion.
This will default to Rich Text, in order to change this click the slider to the right hand side of the option. You will then see it "Un-check" and return to grey "compact".
 Now if you navigate back to User Management you will see the images of users are gone and the view is essentially "Plain Text". 

That is it for the User Management Display density!

 User Management Layout:

 With the User Management Layout set to "Pick list" you will get a more detailed view then the native view, then as well this allows for actions to be taken straight from the view vs clicking and fully viewing each User profile.
 Grid is the default view behavior, in order to change this and utilize the Pick List view, click the slider and you will see it highlight green towards "Pick List". 

 Pick List: 

 This view can also be adjusted straight from the User Management page as well. If in the Pick List view then the button(s) will be located to the right of the search.
 However if within the "Grid" view they will be in the upper right hand corner of the page.
 That's it for the "My Account" portion of gPanel. If you've encountered any issues, please reach out to us via