Devices > Mobile Management

This feature allows you to manage all of the mobile devices synced to users' G Suite data in your domain.

Viewing a Mobile Device

Mobile Management  will display a list of mobile devices with the following information:
  • Name: This is the user's name whose G Suite data is synced to the device
  • Email: The email address of the user
  • Device: This is the model name of the device
  • OS: This is the name and version of the current operating system on the device
  • Type: This is the type of the mobile device
  • Last Sync: Specifies the date when the device was last synced
  • Status: The status of the device (this can be "approved", "blocked", or "wiping")

Edit Mobile Device Status

    1. Click on the device and select one of the following action items:
  • Approve - approves the activation of a device that has previously been blocked
  • Block - blocks a user's access to their G Suite data from the mobile device
  • Delete - removes the device from the list view. Users will still be able to sync their data to their device
  • Remote Wipe - erases all data from mobile device and sets it back to factory settings. 

Note: Remote Wipe erases all data on the device, including a user's personal files. More information on the remote wipe of a device can be found here.