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Shared Contacts allows you to share out contacts to your entire domain. These shared contacts won't clutter up your contacts groups either. Shared contacts are accessed with type ahead. So just start typing the contact name in the search bar or in the To field of your email and watch as they appear! 

Shared Contact FAQ

We often get a lot of questions surrounding Shared Contacts.

) What are Shared Contacts commonly used for?

Shared Contacts are used to simplify typing in email addresses.  This is most useful for mobile devices, but is helpful in all areas.   The type-ahead shows up in the "To:" field of emails. It's important to note that Shared Contacts are domain-wide.

2) What's the difference between Shared Contacts and Personal Contacts?

Shared Contacts are domain-wide and the purpose is to assist in type-ahead (sometimes called autocomplete).  They will not appear on any user's personal contact list.

Personal Contacts
appear in type-ahead as well but also show up on your personal contact list.

3) Can I use your Contact Sync module for syncing Shared Contacts?

No, Contact Sync only affects Personal Contacts.

4) Why don't I see my
Shared Contacts in my Personal Contacts list?

Shared Contacts are a separate entity from Personal Contacts and will not show up in your Personal Contacts list.  This is by design to not clutter up your Personal Contacts with the Domain-Wide shared contacts.