The list of sites in the sites menu includes all Google Sites in your domain. Sites can be selected from the list or you can search based on the Site Name

Add Sites

    1. Click Add Site. 

    2. Enter the Site Name and Summary. Click on Create

Clone Site

    1. Select the site that you want to clone in the left side menu, or enter it in the search box.
    2. Then click the Clone Site button.

    3. Next enter the new site name in the Site Name text box and click the Clone button to clone the site.

Edit Sites 

The following information can be edited from the Overview sub menu. 
  • Site Name
  • Summary 
  • Theme
Additionally, you can view the Site URL

    1. Edit the information and click on Save


Edit Shares

    1. Select Sharing from the Sites sub menu. 

    2. Shares can be set for the following
  • Default Shares
    • Private
    • Domain
    • Public on Web
    • Can Edit 
    • Can View
  • Explicit Shares 
    • Owner
    • Editor 
    • Viewer
    3. Sites can be shared to either Users or to Groups. Enter the email address and click Quick Add



Site History

Site History shows the logs for actions taken on Sites in gPanel. It will default with the filters for the Site you have selected from the site list.

    1. Click Search to view the logs for the site. 

    2. Click Export to export the logs to a Google Spreadsheet.