Refresh and edit

Refresh List

In order to refresh the list of calendars you have for a user, click on the "Refresh LIst" page on the top right of the calendar list.


After selecting the refresh button, you will receive a loading screen, stating that you are reloading the calendars for that user.


Edit Locations

You can create and edit locations that are used with the calendars.

In order to edit the locations, click on "Edit Locations" on the top right corner of the calendar list.


When you click on edit locations, a window will appear with the currently created locations;


There are two types of locations:
  • Saved Global Locations - This section shows the locations that have been created. They are seen globally and anyone can use them.
  • Detected Local Location - This section shows the locations that have been created for a calendar. They are only used in the calendar you have selected and no one else can use them unless they were saved as a Global Location.

Saved Global Locations

Saved global locations are created locations that can be used by anyone in the domain.

If you would like to create a location that everyone can use, select the "New Global Location" field. 


Then type in the name and click the green checkmark. After selecting the green checkmark, it will automatically save to the saved global locations.


In order to remove a saved global location, select the remove button on the right of the name.


This will remove the location from the saved global location list and move it to the Detected Local Locations list. In order to remove it from the Detected Local Location list, you must edit the calendar and remove that location.

Detected Local Locations

Detailed local Locations are locations that are specific to that calendar and only users that have permissions to view or edit the calendar can see the location.

In order to make the local location to a Saved Global Location, click on the Add Location button located on the top right of Detected Local Locations.

This will automatically move the location from Detected Local Locations to Saved Global Locations.

NOTE: You will not be able to remove the Detected Local Locations.