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Viewing a Calendar

Begin by typing in the username of the user whose calendars you wish to view in the search field.  A drop down list will populate with possible matches.
Click the desired user and then click the "Search" button.

Alternatively, you can select them from the list of resources on the left and then clicking on them.

Next, select the user's calendar that you would like to view or edit. Note that you can collapse the user list to save on screen space as well. 

Next, you will see on the right an overview of the calendar with the following information:
  • Title - This section shows the name of the calendar.
  • Location - This section shows the location that the calendar is in. the location can be a preset made by Google, a Saved Global Location, or a Detected Local Location.
  • Timezone - This section shows the timezone that the calendar is located in.
  • Color - This section allows the user to select the color they want events to be on that calendar.
  • Description -  This section is a text description of the calendar.
  • Is Shown - This indicates whether on not to display the calendar in the user's calendar list.

Create a Calendar

To create a new calendar, begin by clicking the Add Calendar button ( this is the plus button on the top navigation bar ).


Enter a name, location, timezone and description for the calendar resource and then click Create
Note: A name is required when creating a calendar.


Delete a Calendar

Select the calendar you wish to delete by selecting it from the list of calendars.

Once you have selected the desired calendar to delete, click the Delete Calendar button.


On the following confirmation screen, review your selection and click Delete to confirm.


Edit a Calendar

Select the calendar you wish to edit using one of the methods described above.  To edit, select a new title, location, timezone, and/or
description and enter it in the corresponding field.  


Next, click Save to save the changes to the calendar


Note: If you wish to revert the resource information back to what it was before you began overwriting it, simply click Discard Changes.


Sharing a Calendar

To share a calendar with other users or change the calendar's visibility level, begin by selecting a calendar and click Sharing.  

Changing a Calendar's Visibility

To change the visibility level of a calendar use the Shared to Domain and Public toggles. 
You can also choose what event information to share: Free/busy or All Event Details.


Editing a Calendar's Shares

To add a user to a calendar, type their username into the Search Users field and then click Quick Add
Note: Click on the second icon to share the calendar to a Group. Enter the Group's name or email address and click Quick Add


Note:  You can also remove shared users from a calendar by clicking the Checkbox next to their username, then clicking Remove Selected (the trash can icon).

You can change a user's role - or access to the calendar - by selecting Owner, Viewer, Editor, or Free/Busy from the Role Menu. 



The events section will allow you to view, edit, and delete events on a calendar based on the Day, Week, Month or 4 Day view. 


    1. Click on the day to create a new event or click on an existing event to edit the settings. Edit the Title, Time, Date, Details, or Guests of the event and click Save.