Administration > Logging

All actions taken in gPanel will be logged. Each log record will include the following information:
  • Date and Time of Action
  • Performing User
  • Action
  • Module
  • Target 
  • App Log Type

Additionally, you can create filters to narrow the resulting logs to be viewed. 

Filter Logs

Log results can be filtered based on the following:

  • App Log Type
    • All Users
    • Application
    • Calendar
    • Domain
    • Error
    • gPanel Role
    • Group 
    • Org Unit
    • Site
    • User
    • Contact 
  • Performing User
  • Target User
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Module
    • Audit & Compliance
    • Risk Management 
    • Discovery
    • Reporting
    • Security
    • Tools
    • Administration
    • Export
    • Users
    • Directory 
    • Calendars
    • Drive
    • Sites
  • Role Permission
    1. Select the filter and click Add Filter

    2. Add any additional filters and click Search 

Export Logs

After you have filtered the logs, they can be exported to a Google Spreadsheet. The Spreadsheet will be created in the Drive account of the user who is logged into gPanel and creates the export. 

    1. To start the export of logs, click on Export

    2. Click on the link in the pop up window to open the Export Spreadsheet.