[Tools] gTalk Assistant - Customizing gTalk Assistant

The g
Talk Assistant allows users to send queries to your domain and then displays the result. 

Users can add the assistant to gTalk so that they can send queries through their gTalk clients. 
  •  Help - This query sends general help information
  • gPanel Help - This query sends you the FAQ link for gPanel.
  • directory lookup=(email address ) - This query returns Profile and Contact information on the email addresss. 

Note: A shared contact is created for the gTalk assistant and it may take some time for it to be indexed for typeahead/autocomplete.


Customizing gTalk Assistant

The gTalk Assistant Name is what the users will be adding to their gTalk clients to send their queries. 

The Welcome Message is the message that is sent to the user when they send it a query. The message can have up to 500 characters.

Once changes have been made, click "Save".