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This interface allows you to create and customize new signature templates and preview it as you make changes.  From this point you can add fields, make layout changes, and preview the signature on any user.

To create a signature, start by clicking the Add Template button.

Signature Editor

Field Builder:

The Profile Field drop-down menu allows you to include information from the user's profile.

The Profile Fields include:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company
  • Job Title
  • Job Department
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Email
  • Instant Messenger
  • Relation
  • Organization
  • External ID

Some of the Profile Fields have subtypes which can be selected from the Subtype drop-down menu.

Note: Users' profile information can be edited in Directory > User Profiles.

Once you have selected a profile field and a subtype, click on the Add button to add that field to the signature template.

Conditional Builder

The Conditional Builder field allows you to place text before and after a profile field only if that field exists for the user. 
Click the Build Conditional button to enable this section. 

When you select a profile field and subtype, the Template Field in the Conditional Builder is automatically populated.

Any text you enter in the Before Field and the After Field will display in the signature only if the user's profile contains
information in the corresponding profile field.  To add a conditional field to signature template, click Add to the right of
the Conditional Builder.

For more information about conditional fields, please see the Signature Template FAQ.

If you wish to use the literal pipe character | in your template then you can escape the character, which will allow the signature template builder to accept it as a literal character and not a delimiter.  As an example,

[|BEFORE \| EMAIL \| |PrimaryEmail| \| AFTER \| EMAIL|]

will translate to

BEFORE | EMAIL | corry@gpanel.info | AFTER | EMAIL

Customizing the Layout

You can customize your signature layout with the various Rich Text editing tools available in Signature Templates. 

The following options are accessible from the Rich Text editor menu:
  • Font Type
    • Bold
    • Italic 
    • Underline
    • Strikethrough
    • Subscript
    • Superscript
  • Text Alignment
    • Left Align
    • Center
    • Right Align
  • Ordered List
  • Unordered List
  • Indent Left
  • Indent Right
  • Generate Link
  • Break Link
  • Insert Horizontal Line
  • Insert Image
  • Remove Formatting

HTML Customization 

Click on the Switch View HTML/Source button to view/edit the signature using HTML tags.

When adding the template fields use the {|Field Name|} format.


Select between the following fonts:
  • Arial
  • Times New Roman
  • Courier New
  • Georgia
  • Trebuchet
  • Verdana

Font Emphasis 

Add emphasis by clicking the Bold, Italicized, Underline, and Strikethrough buttons. 


Text and Images can be Left Aligned, Centered, or Right Aligned by clicking the corresponding button.

Number List

Click the Ordered List icon to created a numbered list of items.

Bullet List

Click the Unorderd List icon to create a bullet list of items. 

Add Hyperlink

Select the text and then click the Generate Link button to turn the selected text into a hyperlink. 

Enter the URL to the link and click "OK".

Font Color

Select the desired color for the text from the Colors drop-down menu.


As you are customizing the signature template, you can enter a user and preview the changes to their signature. 

Save Template

After you have completed your new signature template, click the check button to save. 

Enter the Template Name and optional Description and click Save. 

Configure Template Targets

Click the red Configure link next to the Signature Template to configure the targets. 

Enable or Disable the Manual Run and Set Schedule

If you enable the Manual Run, the signature template will be applied only when you run the template. If you enable the Set Schedule, the template will be applied automatically on a schedule that you've configured. 

Next, select the target users to apply the Signature Template to, and click either Add All or Add Selected. 

You can select based on the following:
  • Users
  • Groups
  • Org Units
  • Domains
  • gPanel Roles

Configure Schedule - Optional 

If you chose the option to apply the signature templates on a schedule, then you will be prompted to set the schedule for the template run on. 

You can choose based on Days of the Week or Days of the Month. You will also be able to configure the Times that the template runs and any users that will receive an email notification. 

Finally, verify your settings and click Submit