[Signature Template] Configuration

gPanel allows you to configure the users to apply the signature template to and schedule it to be applied daily.

To configure a signature template, select the template and click Edit Configuration.

Basic Info

The first part of the configuration is the Basic Info screen with the following options:

  • Manual Run: Toggle whether the signature template can be applied manually
  • Set Schedule: Toggle whether the signature template will be applied daily automatically

Click Next to proceed.


You will now select the source users that the signature template will be applied to. You can add source users by 
email address, group membership, org unit, or gPanel role by clicking the corresponding button to the right of the search field.

As you type in the search field, potential matches will populate in the sources list below.  Alternatively, by 
selecting the Browse tab, you can select the sources from all of the options available in your domain.

Once you have selected all of your desired source users for the signature template, click Add Selected and then
click Next.


If you have scheduling enabled from the previous step, the Schedule screen will display.

Select either the days of the week or the days of the month you would like the policy to be run.  The select the time of day
the policy will run from the drop-down menu.  You can add multiple times for it to run by clicking +Add Time.

If you would like to receive email notifications after the template has run, check the corresponding box under Configure Email 

Click Submit to save the configuration for the signature template.