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 Group Templates is a "Lab" feature, it is still in beta and not yet perfected to Promevo standards. But for those of you wanting to try it we have made it available. This will be much easier to understand if you are familiar with our "Groups" page. This can be found in the menu to your left, right above the link that took you here.

Add or Edit Template

 To edit a template just click on the familiar three dot icon that will appear when you're hovering over a single template. If you don't have any templates simply click the "ADD" button in the upper right. 

Editing Template Options

General Information: The information you will find in general information is language and "Posting Options". To change the language just simply click the drop down button to the right of whatever language you already see. 

Settings: If you're not completely sure what the options are in the settings menu it is best to leave them as their defaults. 

Permissions: If you're unfamiliar with the permissions tab it is very crucial to the functionality of your group and it is recommended that you at least take a look at it prior to completing set up.