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Profile Editor

The Profile Editor allows the user to edit their profile information, such as phone numbers, additional email addresses, job title and more. 

It can be accessed by clicking on the "Profile Editor" tab. 

Edit Profile

Click on the "Edit" button to start editing the user profile. 

Add Fields

By clicking on the drop down menu you can different fields to your profile, including Websites, additional email addresses, Messaging names, and more. 

Add or Remove Sub-fields

Most fields can also have multiple sub-fields. Email, for example, has sub-fields of Work and Other. These sub fields can be added or deleted by clicking on the "green plus" button or "red minus" button. 


Once all changes have been made, click "Save".


Clicking the "reload" button will refresh the  module and the data. 

Back to Profile View

Clicking on the "view" button will take you back to the user's profile view.