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Personal Contacts

The Personal Contacts tab allows the user to add, delete or edit their own contacts. 

To access this module, click on the "Personal Contacts" tab. 

Add Contact

To add a new contact, click "Create Contact"

Enter the contact information and click "Save"

Edit Contact

To edit an existing contact, select the contact you wish to edit and click "Edit Contact"

The contact editor is very similar to the profile editor. From here you can change information as well as:
  • click the "Add" dropdown menu to add additional fields
  • click  the "Green Plus" button to add sub-fields
  • click the "Red X / Minus" to remove fields

Click "Save" when finished. 


Delete Contact

To delete a contact, select the contact and click "Delete Contact".

Click "OK" to confirm the deletion of the contact.

Manage Contact Groups

"Manage Groups" allows a user to manage their "My Contacts", "Friends", "Family" and "Coworkers" contact groups. 

To get started, select a contact and click "Manage Groups"

Make sure your username is selected under the "User To Manage" then select the group that  you wish to add the contact to. Click "Save" when finished. 

Create Groups

You can also create new groups under this tab by clicking the "Create Group" button. 

Delete Groups

Delete groups by selecting the group and clicking "Delete Group". Next, click "Save"

Confirm the delete process by clicking "OK"