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Group Search

Group Search allows users to search through the domain's distribution groups and the groups members. 

To access this module, click on the "Group Search" tab. 


Enter the name or email of the group and click "Search". Don't remember the full name or email? That's alright, the search feature will find any group that contains the search query. 

Any groups matching the search query will populate in the table below. Click on the "Group" to access the group's "Members"

Hint! If not all users are visible you may have to page through the entries. Click the "arrows" at the bottom of the page to do so. 

View Group Members as Plain-Text

If you need to copy the users into a CSV file you can click "View Members as Plain-Text CSV" to access the group membership list in plain text. 

From here you can copy and paste the users into the file of your choice. Click "Ok" when finished to close the window.