gPanel Changes - Action Required

As you may be aware, due to the deprecation of legacy Google APIs, gPanel version 2 is now the default (and only) version of gPanel.  As such, there may be some small configuration changes needed to ensure a smooth gPanel transition.

Ensure that gPanel Marketplace Version 2 is installed and gPanel Version 1 is deleted

1. Log into the Google Admin console.

2. Select Apps from the Google Apps Admin panel. Note this may be listed under More Controls

3. Click Marketplace Apps and then click the Add Marketplace Apps button in the upper right hand corner. 

4. Search for gPanel, and then click Install App.

5. Review the various data access permissions that gPanel will be granted. Next, check the Terms of Service acknowledgement and click Accept

6. Finally, you will see a reminder from Google on how to access the gPanel App.  Click "Okay, got it!" to continue.

Once you've installed the Marketplace Apps version that looks like this:

the old version that looks like the screenshot needs to be deleted:

To delete the old version, click "Promevo gPanel for Google Apps" and, on the next screen, scroll to the bottom and click

"Delete Promevo gPanel for Google Apps".  

Installing the new Marketplace Apps version of gPanel will affect none of your domain's data or settings and will improve functionality

when using gPanel for your domain.

Ensure that Data Access is granted.

Note that if you just completed step A) above, then data access is already granted and you can skip this.

1) Navigate to > Apps > Marketplace Apps > gPanel to verify that Data Access is granted. If you see Approval Needed, follow the steps below to grant access.

2)) Click on Data Access

3) Click Grant Data Access

You will now see that Data Access has been granted. 

Please contact if you are experiencing any issues or need guided assistance with the steps above.