Getting Started

Setting up gPanel for first-time use

These steps will allow you to start using gPanel for your organization.
1) Installing gPanel To begin using gPanel you must complete a short process of adding the application into your domain and granting the application access to your domain's Google APIs
2) Accessing gPanel Once you have added gPanel, there are several ways to get to the application and begin using it.
3) Configuring gPanel You must complete a brief configuration step in order to have full functionality within the application.
4) Defining gPanel Roles (Optional) We recommend that you customize roles for your administrators and users as one of the first steps. Roles allow you to make gPanel work with the Business Processes of your organization, improving your efficiency.

A 14-day trial of gPanel is provided free to all registered organizations. When you are ready to upgrade to a paid subscription, please follow the instructions in Subscribe or Manage your Subscription.