[Google Docs] Edit

Transfer Ownership

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Click "Transfer Ownership"

Select document to transfer ownership of. Click "Next"

Enter the "Destination User" and the folder that the document will be moved to.

Select sharing options for Source User and Destination User. 

Note that you also have the option to remove sharing from everyone but the owner. After the sharing options are set, click "Next"

Review the changes. If correct click "Save"

Confirm the transfer by clicking "Apply"

Remove Ownership

Select user to remove ownership from and click "Remove Selected"

Move Docs

Select the document to move, click "Operations".

Click "Move"

Select the folder you wish to move the document to. Click "Save"

Rename a Google Doc

Click the user who's documents you wish to rename. This will load their documents. Click the document you wish to rename. 

From here you can either right click the document or click the "Operations" tab. Both will open the same menu. 

Click the "Rename" button.

Enter the new name of the document and click "Rename"