[Bulk Operation] Force Password Reset

 The Bulk Operations Force Password Reset function allows administrators to reset the password for multiple users, groups, organizational units, or roles.

 To begin, click the Add button to create a new operation.

 Setup Force Password

 1)  Select Force Password Reset for the operation type, then give the operation a name and, optionally, a description.


 2)  Once complete, click Next.


 You will now select the source users, groups, orgs, or roles for the password reset.  As you type in the search field, potential matches will 
 populate in the sources list below.  Alternatively, by selecting the Browse tab, you can select the sources from 
 all of the options available in your domain.

 3)  Select the source users for the password reset, then click Add Selected.


 4)  Once the source users are added, click Next.



 The final setup screen will allow you to review your configuration choices.  If you would like to send email notifications 
 on completion of the import, check the corresponding box to Send Email Notifications and enter the 
 user(s) who will receive the notifications.

 5)  Review your selections, and add users to notify if so desired.

 6)  After your done reviewing, click Submit to run the operation.