About gPanel

What is Promevo gPanel for G Suite?

gPanel for G Suite is a powerful, complete, enterprise-class administration console for the management of any G Suite environment.  It exists as a hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution and is available for licensed use on an annual basis by businesses, non-profits, education and government entities of any kind.  gPanel snaps-in to customer domains through the Google Apps Marketplace and can be accessed via the URL http://promevogpanel.appspot.com.

Who is Promevo and why should I use their gPanel for G Suite product anyway?

Promevo is an established company that has been offering consultation, services and solutions for global enterprises around the messaging and collaboration space for 10 years.  We aren't going away anytime soon.  Our management and technical teams are dedicated to continually providing incredible services and solutions like gPanel at a great value to our customers.  Our core philosophy is, and always has been, to maximize the value that organizations and their IT teams can achieve from their messaging and collaboration investments through our extraordinary service and solutions.

We wrote gPanel to satisfy a need we saw from experienced IT Administrators working for our customers coming to G Suite from other platforms and looking for the same robust management tools they were accustomed to using with other platforms.  gPanel is written using the Google Web Toolkit and runs on the Google App Engine, using best practices for speed, security, and power.  You can expect gPanel to be as robust as the Google App Engine service itself, and we have a committed support team at your disposal to help if it ever misses your expectations.

Where is gPanel hosted?

gPanel for G Suite is hosted on the Google App Engine, a cloud computing Platform as a Service (PaaS) environment owned, managed, and maintained by Google.

Purchasing gPanel for G Suite

How do I get gPanel?

gPanel is available for licensed use on an annual subscription basis and can be added to your domain through the Google App Marketplace.  Since it runs on the Google App Engine and is developed using the Google Web Toolkit, it can be accessed from anywhere with only a web browser and there is nothing to install on any desktop computer.

Can I purchase gPanel?

No, gPanel is only licensed on a subscription basis.  As a SaaS solution, gPanel is constantly being updated and enhanced, giving our customers the most comprehensive set of features available in the market for a single straightforward price.  As a paying subscriber, you will always get immediate access to updates and fixes when you login to gPanel at no additional charge to your subscription price.

Will I have to pay for other features?

At this time gPanel is an all-inclusive administrative console for managing users, user profiles, groups, calendars, docs, role-based delegation, logging and reporting for G Suite environments of any size and type: one low price for one amazing product.  

In the future we imagine that specific types of organizations may require specialty packages to help enhance their administration experience, and it is possible that we may offer add-on solutions for a small fee at that time to those customers who want them.

How do I get a free trial?

A 14-day free trial is provided to all new users of gPanel.  During the trial you have full access to all features of gPanel, without limitation.  There is no reduced functionality and you can use it however you see fit for your organization.  We hope that during this period we earn your trust and that you decide to become a paying customer.  The process to upgrade to a paid subscription is easy and fast.

How do I subscribe to gPanel?

All customers receive a 14 day trial of the full version of gPanel for their organization.  When your trial expires, you will be prompted to purchase a license key to continue using gPanel under a paid subscription.  In the expiration prompt, there is a link to the checkout page of the gPanel website where you can securely subscribe through Google Checkout. If you have any questions you can email sales@promevo.com or call in at 888-380-1061 ext 3.

How am I charged for gPanel?

All payments for gPanel subscriptions are handled through Google Checkout.  Licensing is on an annual basis per registered domain user, and is paid in advance for the 12 month period following the subscription date.  Billing for the renewal of your subscription will occur 12 months from the date of initial subscription, and is also performed through Google Checkout.

I have heard that some companies are using gPanel free.  How do I get gPanel for free for my company?

Promevo is an Authorized Reseller of G Suite and we are thrilled to offer gPanel for free to customers who have purchased their G Suite Premier licenses through us, or who transfer their reseller relationship to us.  

Whether you are considering the move to G Suite, have just moved, or have been a long-time user of G Suite, you can always transfer your reseller relationship to Promevo quickly and easily in order to get no-charge access to the full gPanel product for your company.  You can continue to use gPanel free of charge for your organization as long as you maintain your licensing through Promevo.  Contact sales@promevo.com for more information.

What if I cancel my gPanel subscription?  Are there refunds?

You may cancel your gPanel subscription at anytime, although there is no refund for the unused portion of your subscription term.  If you cancel your gPanel subscription, you will not be charged for future subscription renewals.

What if I want to change my Primary domain? 

If you're thinking about changing your Primary domain name. There are a few impacts with gPanel to think about before hand, as when you swap your primary domain it will dissociate from gPanel. Because of this, unfortunately data specific to gPanel is lost. Things such as Signature Templates, Reports, Bulk operations, Decommissioning policies, Gmail Exports, etc. User set items will remain, I.E. if you apply an delegate to an user then swap the delegate will still remain on the user. If you created and calendar resource it will remain, just items specific to gPanel will be lost. Your best bet when thinking of an swap is to save your signature templates, report configurations etc so you can easily reset them up. 

Since it will disassociate, you will be locked out. You will then need to contact us at support@promevo.com in order for the subscription to be swapped to the new primary.   

gPanel Security

How do I know I can trust gPanel?

gPanel is built with security and reliability in mind.  gPanel depends on the robust, secure Google cloud computing infrastructure for all aspects of its operation.  

Written using the Google Web Toolkit, and hosted on the Google App Engine, gPanel relies on Google's AppEngine Authentication and OAuth security mechanisms for authentication and a multitude of Google APIs for its core functions.  Google has proven that security is critical to all aspects of its operations, and it is no different for Promevo in our gPanel product.  

All actions performed in gPanel are logged for audit purposes, and to ensure web traffic integrity and protect you from unwanted network externalities, gPanel enforces SSL sessions for all application access.

In short, you can trust gPanel because we have the depth of Google's secure, robust, cloud computing infrastructure behind us, and we define and follow consistent practices to ensure the security of your data in gPanel.  Customer trust is our foremost concern.

What credentials do I use to login to gPanel?

You use your own G Suite login to access gPanel.  gPanel does not maintain a separate directory, but uses standard Google AppEngine Authentication to authenticate users and authorize access to your domain's G Suite assets.

Can anyone in my domain use gPanel?

Yes, and gPanel will provide access ONLY to the features that you specify for each of your users.  As administrator of your G Suite domain, you control exactly how gPanel works for your organization - how much or how little delegation to assign, how many roles your organization needs to meet its business rules.  Users not explicitly assigned to a gPanel role will be presented with gPanel's User Portal, which optionally enables self-service management of directory user profile data, and can be extended to be the access point to any custom application that your organization may wish to present.

You can define any combination of gPanel roles for your users and administrators to perform only their needed tasks.  With gPanel roles, your business can maintain all business processes that you have defined in your previous collaborative application platforms.

Requirements and Language Support

Which web browsers can I use with gPanel?

gPanel makes extensive use of Javascript and supports the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.0+
While gPanel may work in other browsers, we recommend that you use a supported version for the best experience and to continue to receive support from our customer service team.

Are there any other system requirements?

No. Because gPanel runs in a web browser, you just need to use a supported browser.

What languages does gPanel support?

The interface for gPanel currently only appears in English.  If you require an international version for your organization please contact us and we will do our best to find a solution for your needs.

Interaction with the Google Admin Panel

Will changes I make in the Google Admin Panel show up in gPanel?

While we recommend that you make all domain changes possible through gPanel as best practice, anything done in the Google Admin Panel at admin.google.com will also show up in gPanel as soon as gPanel indexes the change.  Conversely, changes made in gPanel will show up in the Google Admin Panel immediately.  

Other General Questions

Will my company have access to new gPanel features?  When are they released?

gPanel is a Software as a Service offering, and as such allows us to release new features and fixes for gPanel from time to time without any work from you.  New features and fixes will simply be activated in your gPanel the next time you login.  We keep a running list of New and Planned features which are always available for you to access via the links at the top of the gPanel application, and post frequent updates about the gPanel product in the gPanel blog.

How do I get Support?

We have links for Feedback and Submit Issues right at the top of gPanel and we truly want to know what will make your experience better.  

You can also contact us by email at support@promevo.com or call us at 888-380-1061 between 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST.  If you miss us, please leave us a message and we will return calls the next business day.