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Edit Groups

First select the group to be edited. 

General Settings

The "General Settings" tab allows you to change the information given when you first created the group. Namely what permissions are given, the name of the group and the group description. 

Membership Manager

This tab allows for editing members of the group.

Add Multiple Members

To add multiple members at once, click the "Bulk Add Member" button. 

Select the members to add, then click "Add Members".

A window will appear to show the progress. Click "Close" when the progress is complete.

Add Single Member to Group

To add a single member to the group, type in the member's e-mail address and click "Add Single Member".

Add Subgroup

Click the "Bulk Add Subgroup" button

Select Multiple Users for the subgroup. After you have selected the users click "Add Members".

Remove Member

Select member to remove then click "Remove Member".

A progress window will appear. When removal is completed, click "Close".

Make and Remove Owner

The steps for making and removing ownership of the group follow the same steps.

Select the member to whom ownership is being added/removed. 

Click "Make Owner" to assign ownership


Click "Remove Owner" to remove ownership


History shows the log records for the groups.