Drive Sweep

Drive Sweep is a feature of gPanel that allows you to transfer the ownership of files underneath a specified folder automatically.  This will allow organizations to ensure that documents in specified folders are all owned by the same user account, similar to how a Windows® file server works.

Drive Sweep will change the ownership of all selected files to the user targeted by the Drive Sweep. Once created, Drive Sweep will update continuously-every 2 hours-and apply the changes of ownership to any files created and added to the location where Drive Sweep is occurring. 

Get Started with Drive Sweep       

       Before creating a Drive Sweep, first make sure that Drive Sweep in enabled:

  • Begin by selecting Administration > Labs. A list of available labs will appear. To the right of each lab, a slider will appear allowing you to disable or enable each lab.
  • Scroll until you see the lab titled Drive Sweep. If the slider to the right is red, the lab is disabled. Ensure that the slider is green and enabled. 

       Once Drive Sweep has been enabled, create a Drive Sweep:

  • Select Drive > Drive Sweep
  • Click the Create Drive Sweep icon (plus sign) in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Under the General tab, create a name and a description for the Drive Sweep.
  • Under the description, you also have the option to enable or disable email notifications on sharing. By default, the option is disabled



Select the User who Owns the File(s) to be Transferred

  • Under the General tab, is a tab titled Folder. Click the Folder tab. 
  • Use the search field to the right to search for the owner of the files by typing in the user's email. 
  • The user must not be suspended in order to transfer ownership of their files.
  • Select the desired user and click the magnifying glass icon to the right.        
       Once the desired user is selected, you can now view all files owned, shared, starred, and trashed within their Drive. 

Select the Files to be Transferred and Save 
  • Select the appropriate folder, sub-folder, or files within the user's Drive.

  • Once you have clicked on the file(s) you wish to transfer, click the Save Drive Sweep icon in the top right corner of the screen. 

       Drive Sweep updates the ownership of files continuously. If a location is selected to perform the Drive Sweep on, all files added to that specified location after the Drive Sweep has been created will also change ownership. 
  • A prompt will appear on the screen asking if you acknowledge the change of ownership. Clicking yes will perform the Drive Sweep. You will then be redirected to the initial Drive Sweep screen.This screen will contain the name of all Drive Sweeps you have performed, as well as the owner, drive link, and if the sweep encountered any errors.

Editing a Drive Sweep 

  • Select Drive > Drive Sweep 
  • Select the More Options icon on the Drive Sweep you wish to edit.
  • Click Edit Drive Sweep 

     To change the Name, Description, or to enable email notifications for sharing:
  • Click on the General tab 
  • A field to the right will appear, allowing you to edit the Name, Description, or to turn email notifications on.
  • Once changes have been made, click the Save Drive Sweep icon in the top-right corner.   
     To change the location where the Drive Sweep is occurring:
  • Click on the Folder tab
  • A field to the right will appear, allowing you to select a new user to transfer ownership from, and/or a new location for the Drive Sweep to occur. 
  • To change users, search for the new user in the User Email search bar 
  • To change the location of the transfer, just below the User Email search bar, select which folder or files you wish to transfer.
  • Once changes have been made, click the Save Drive Sweep icon in the top-right corner.  

     To view the activity Logs for the Drive Sweep:

  • Select Edit Drive Sweep
  • Click on the Logs tab
  • A field to the right will appear populating the log entries for the selected Drive Sweep

      The following information will be displayed: 

  • Run Time
  • Overall Result 
  • Successful Documents transferred 
  • Documents which encountered errors   

     When finished viewing the Log entries, click the Save Drive Sweep icon in the top-right corner.

Deleting a Drive Sweep 

  • Go to Drive > Drive Sweep 
  • Click on which Drive Sweep you wish to delete. It will be highlighted yellow. 
  • Click the Delete Drive Sweep icon (trash can) in the top-right corner of the screen. A prompt will appear asking if you're sure you wish to delete the selected Drive Sweep.
       Once a Drive Sweep is deleted, ownership will no longer change when new files are added to the specified location. 

       Ownership changes made prior to the deletion of the Drive Sweep will not change back to the previous owner.