Drive > Drive Search

Drive Search is a feature that allows you to search a user's Drive contents and export the results of the search.


    1. Enter the target user's email address and click Search.

    The bottom portion of the Drive Search window will populate with the contents of that user's Drive. Each document or folder will have the following information:
  • Title: The name of the document or folder
  • Owner: The owner of the document or folder
  • Last Modified:  The date when the document or folder was last modified and by whom

Searching by Filter

Drive Search allows you to search a user's Drive contents by filters. The following filters can be added:

  • Title
    • Exact Title
  • Full Text Searching
  • Document Type
    • Google Document
    • Google Spreadsheet
    • Google Presentation
    • Google Drawing
    • Google Form
    • Google Script
    • Folder
    • PDF
    • File 
    • Audio
    • Video
    • Fusion Table
    • Kix
    • Photo 
    • Unknown 
  • Date
    • Modified Date
    • Last Viewed Date
    • Before Date
    • After Date
  • Starred
  • Trashed
  • Shared Documents
    • Owned by Searched User
    • Shared to Searched User
    1. Select the filters and enter the information. Click Add Filter to add the filter. 
    2. Filters can be removed by clicking the X next to the Added Filter. 

    3. Click Search once all filters have been added. 

Export Search

Drive Search will export the results of a search to a Google spreadsheet which you can view.

    1. To export the results of your search click on Export Results. This will bring up the Export window, with a link you can click to view the export in your Google Drive.

The export spreadsheet will contain the following headers with information about each document:
  • Title: The title of the document or folder
  • Owner: The owner of the document
  • Mime Type: The content type of the file
  • File Size: The size of the file
  • Created Date: The date the file was created
  • Modified Date: The date the file was last modified
  • Last Modifying User Name:  The last user to modify the file
  • Is Trashed:  The file has been trashed (set to TRUE or FALSE)
  • Is Starred:  The file has been starred (set to TRUE or FALSE)