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Drive Explorer

Drive Explorer is a feature of gPanel that emulates Google's native Drive app.  It allows you to view and manage the documents and folders of users in your domain.

View a User's Drive

    1. Begin by typing in the name of the user whose documents and folders you wish to view in the search field.  A drop down list will populate with possible matches. Click the desired user and the click the "Search" button.

Alternatively, you can select them from the list of users on the left and then clicking on them.

Drive Explorer will display the contents, folders and documents, of the user's Drive. Drive Explorer will also display the folder structure on the left.  

    2. Click on the arrow to the left of a folder to see any subfolders below it.


Creating New Folders

    1. Select the location for the new folder in the user's Drive hierarchy and then click the Add Folder button.


    2. Enter in the name of the new folder and then click "Create".


Selecting Available Actions

    1. Click on the documents or folder you wish to manage.  The "Actions" button will appear and clicking on the button will display a drop down menu with the options available to you. 

    2. Right-clicking on the documents or folder will also display the same drop down menu.

Renaming a Document

    1. Either right-click the document or folder you wish to rename or select it and click "Actions".

    2. Click "Rename".

    3. Type in the new name of the folder or document and click "Rename"

Trash a Document

    1. Either right-click the document or folder you wish to trash or select it and click "Actions".

    2. Click "Trash".

    3. To untrash a document or folder, first click on the Trashed folder.

    4. Next, either right-click the document or folder you wish to trash or select it and click "Actions".

    5. Click "Untrash".

Editing Sharing Settings

The Sharing Settings menu allows you to change who can access a document or folder either by changing its visibility
or by adding or removing a user or group with sharing permission.

    1. Either right-click the document or folder you wish to edit or select it and click "Actions", then Click "Edit Share".

To add a user or group with sharing permission, type their email address into the field marked "Add People: ". 
Note: Multiple users and/or groups need to be separated by a comma.

Next, you will need to select the user's share permission from the drop down menu to the right. The share permissions are: 
  • Can View: User given Read permissions only. 
  • Can Edit: User has Read and Write permissions. 
  • Can Comment: User has Comment permission only.
    2. Click "Share and Save" to save the change.  The added user or group will appear in the list of users with sharing permissions.

Note: Make sure the check box is checked if want to notify the user or group via email of the change. 

    3. To remove a user or group from having sharing permission, click the "X" to the right of their sharing permission and then click "Save Changes".

Changing a Document's Visibility

    1. To change the document or folder's visibility level, in the Sharing Settings menu click "Change..."

    2. In the Visibility Options menu there are 5 options to choose from:
  • Public on the web - Anyone on the Internet can find and access. No sign-in required.
  • Anyone with the link - Anyone who has the link can access. No sign-in required.
  • Anyone on your domain - People at your domain can find and access.
  • Anyone on your domain with the link - People at your domain who have the link can access.
  • Private - Only people explicitly granted permission can access. Sign-on required.
    3. Select your desired option and set the access level to either Can Edit or Can ViewClick "Save" to save your changes.

Transfer Ownership

Transfer of ownership was changed on June 10, 2020 as noted in the gPanel release notes below:

To see updated documentation on this feature, please see the following page: