Directory Sync

The Directory Sync Module will allow you to sync all user profiles from your Directory (i.e. all users in the domain) to a Personal Contact group called Directory Contacts.  

The initial sync will run the first night after Directory Sync is enabled. Changes are also updated nightly.

Enabling Directory Sync

To Enable Directory Sync, Click General Settings and click the Enabled checkbox.  Directory Sync will not run without this box checked.

After you check the enabled box, be sure to click Save.

Excluding Users from the Sync

To Exclude Users from receiving the Sync, click User Settings, type their account in the Excluded Destination Users box and click Add.

After you check the enabled box, be sure to click Save.

Run Logs

After your Directory Sync has ran for the first time, you will see information in the Run Logs.

This will show you the time of the Run, the Number of Users Synced.

You the option to view the granular details of the sync by selecting View Details.

This will include the number of Contacts Created, Creation Errors, Contacts Updated (applicable after the first sync), Update Errors, Contacts Deleted, and Deletion Errors for each user in the domain that was not excluded from the sync.

User Logs

User Logs will allow you to see when the Directory Sync was ran on particular users in your domain. 

The Status column will display information when a user has errored on the Sync, for example: