[Decommissioning] Suspended Users

Viewing Suspended Users

Clicking The Suspended Users tab brings up the Suspended Users screen.

This allows you to see the following information on all the users who are currently suspended:
  • User Email: The user's email address
  • Actor: This is the admin user who has been used to authenticate gPanel for the domain
  • Time Suspended: This is the date and time that the user was suspended
  • Waiting: This will be "true" if there are still decommissioning actions yet to run on the user
  • Action By Admin: Any action taken by an admin user on the suspended user's account
  • Ready To Delete: This will be "true" if all decommissioning actions have been taken on the suspended user
  • Reason: This will contain any explanatory information on decommissioning actions still in progress

Searching Suspended Users

You can also search the list of suspended users for a particular user.

Begin by entering in the name of the user you wish to search in the search field at the top of the Suspended Users screen.
gPanel's auto complete feature will allow you to select the user you wish to search as you type.  Finally, click Filter to narrow 
the list to that particular user.

Note:  Click Reset at any time to reload the list of all suspended users.