[ Tools ] Decommissioning


Decommissioning is an automatic nightly process that allows you to run a variety of pre-configured tasks on a suspended user's account at a specified date.

How It Works

Decommissioning allows you to set tasks to run on suspended users to prepare their accounts for eventual deletion.
When you create a decommissioning process, all users in the targeted Organization Unit that are suspended 
on that day and thereafter will have the tasks you define run on them. This process runs each night though you have the option to manually start the process. 

Below you will find outlined a sample scenario:

Day 0: The process is created and set to check for suspended users in all orgs.  The process is set up to 
immediately cause the suspended user to be placed in the org "Suspended Users".  A second task is created
that will transfer ownership of all of the user's Drive docs on the 5th day after suspension. User1 and User2
are suspended as well.

Day 1: The process runs overnight and User1 and User2 are placed into the "Suspended Users" org. User3 is

Day 2: User3 is placed in the "Suspended Users" org.

Day 5: User1 and User2 have their Drive contents transferred to the destination user specified in the decommissioning process.

Day 6:  User3 has their Drive contents transferred to the destination user.

Users suspended before the date when the Decommissioning process was created can be uploaded via the CSV Upload
to be included in the process.

Use the horizontal menu bar above or click the appropriate link to navigate and explore the different functionality this feature has to offer.
  • Policy List: This feature allows you to create, update, and/or delete a decommissioning policy.
  • Suspended Users: This feature lists suspended users and any decommissioning processes they are waiting to complete.
  • Log View:  This feature logs records of decommissioning processes grouped by user.
  • Bulk Load User: This feature allows you to manually bulk upload legacy users for decommissioning by using a CSV file.

Important! A user's account must be suspended before they can be included in a decommissioning process