Calendars > Calendar Resources

Calendar Resources is a feature that allows you to manage all of the domain's calendar resources.

View a Calendar Resource (Beta)

Begin by typing in the name of the calendar resource you wish to view in the search field.  A drop down list will populate with possible matches.
Click the desired user and then click the "Search" button.

Alternatively, you can select them from the list of resources on the left and then clicking on them.

Next, you will see on the right an overview of the calendar resource with the following information:
  • Common Name: The name of the resource
  • Public Email: The public email address used to view and reserve this resource in a calendar
  • ID: The identification of the resource
  • Resource Type: The type of the resource
  • Building - The building in which the resource is located
  • Floor - The floor the resource is located.
  • Capacity -  The maximum number of people that can be in the room at one time.
  • Features - Any equipment that could be used for a meeting. Ex. Phone, Chromebox for Meetings, etc. 
  • User Visible Description: A description of the resource that is saw by publicly.
  • Internal Description - A description only visible internally. 

Create a Calendar Resource

Click on the  button.

Next, you will see the following screen display:

Enter a Category and Resource Name as well as any additional information in the applicable fields and then click Create Resource.

Delete a Calendar Resource

Select the calendar resource you wish to delete by selecting it from the list or typing the name of the resource 
in the search field and clicking Search.

You will see the name of the resource you have selected appear in red text in list of resources on the left, and in the Common Name field in the calendar overview to the right.

Once you have selected the desired calendar to delete, click the   button at the top right side of screen.

On the following confirmation screen. review your selection and click Delete to confirm.

Sharing a Calendar Resource

To share a calendar with other users or change the calendar's visibility level, begin by selecting a calendar and click Sharing.  

Changing a Calendar's Visibility

To change the visibility level of a calendar use the Shared to Domain and Public toggles. 
You can also choose what event information to share: Free/busy or All Event Details.

Editing a Calendar's Shares

To add a user to a calendar, type their username into the Search Users field and then click the .
Note: Click on the second icon to share the calendar to a Group. Enter the Group's name or email address and click the .

Note:  You can also remove shared users from a calendar by clicking the Checkbox next to their username, then clicking the .

You can change a user's role - or access to the calendar - by selecting Owner, Viewer, Editor, or Free/Busy from the Role Menu. 

Creating Buildings

You can now add buildings to your Organization in gPanel as well by going to Calendars > Resource Calendar Beta > Buildings and clicking the  in the top right hand side of the screen. 

This window will appear after pressing the +. You now need to name the building, give a building ID, description, and floors as well. Then click create. 
Note: Only the Building Name and Lowest to Highest Floors are required. 


Searching for a Building

You search for a specific building by going to the search bar and typing the building name as well.


Editing a Building

You can edit a building by clicking the building you would like to change and then changing the Common Name, Description, or Floor Names fields and then clicking the floppy disk icon at the top right of your screen.


Deleting a Building

You can delete a building by selecting the building you would like to delete and clicking the trash can icon at the top right hand side of your screen and clicking delete. 


Creating Features

You can add features to your resources for each room now as well. To add features that then can be added to the rooms themselves, go to Calendars > Resource Calendar Beta> Features and then click the  icon and then name the feature and click create. You can now add these features you the resource. 


Searching for Features

You can also search for features by going to the search bar above the Featrues list and typing the Feature name. The name populates as you type or you can click the magnifying glass icon. 


Deleting Features

You can also delete Features by clicking the   icon at the top right hand side of the screen.