Bulk User Change

The Bulk User Change tool allows you to update user settings and data for multiple users in one job.

 Note that all "Upload" tasks require the file size to be under 1MB.

Download the template

Download our current template that can be found here, or download the template from the attached file.  The first row contains the following ten headers:
  • user: This field is required.  This is the user that will be updated.
  • add_nicknames: Add a nickname for the user. Multiple nicknames are separated by a comma.
  • change_org: Change the organization unit the user belongs to.
    • Note: You must enter the full path of the organization unit. 
    • Example: To change a user to a top level organization simply enter the organization's name.
    • Example: To change a user to a sub-organization, you must include the parent organization separated by a forward slash.
      • For instance, if "Product Support" was a sub-organization of "Sales", you would enter "Sales / Product Support"
  • new_password: Update the user's password.
    • If you would like a random password, enter "random" or "randomize"
  • account_status: Update the user's account status
    • If the user is to be suspended, enter "suspend"
    • If the user is to be unsuspended, enter "unsuspend"
    • If the user is to be deleted, enter "delete" 
  • hide_from_directory: Specify the user's visibility in the directory.
    • Enter "hide" to hide the user in the directory
    • Enter "show" to make the user visible in the directory
  • forward: This will enable mail forwarding to the specified user. 
    • Multiple forwarding users are separated by a comma.
  • delegates: Assign a Gmail delegate to the user. 
    • Multiple delegates are separated by a comma.
    • Enter "clear" in the field to remove all delegates for a user.
  • modify_groups: Specify groups to add or remove from user's account.
    • Separate multiple groups with a comma
    • Add a "-" before groups you want to remove the user from
    • Add a "+" before groups you want to add the user to
    • Use ALL to add/remove the user from all groups
  • wipe_mobile: Wipe all Google Apps data from the user's mobile device by entering "YES".

   The following contains important information on configuring your CSV file.

   Important! When editing your template the following headers must be present and in the following order:

   user, add_nicknames, change_org, new_password, account_status, hide_from_directory, forward, delegates, modify_groups, wipe_mobile

    If one of these headers are missing or not in the correct order, data may not upload to profiles correctly. 
                               The template should also be in the file format of CSV.

                               Important! Secondary domains are not supported at this time. 

 Important! We highly recommend making and editing your CSV files in Google Docs. Due to a difference in formatting, CSV
 files created and/or edited with the following software will not upload properly:
        • Open Office 

Template Options

You have three options you can enter for any of the fields when populating the template. 

  • If you wish to overwrite a field for a user, then just simply put the new information into the field.
  • If you do not wish to overwrite a field for a user, then leave the cell in the CSV file empty. 
  • If you wish to remove the values for that user in a particular field, then enter clear in the field
    • Example: If you wish to remove all existing delegates for a user, enter clear in the delegates column.

Upload CSV File

To get started, click the Bulk User Change link on the Users section of the Bulk Operations page.

Click Choose File and navigate to the directory your CSV file is located in.

Select the CSV file and click Open

Verify that you've selected the correct file and click Submit.

Note: Check the box to have the results of the upload saved to a Google Spreadsheet.  
This can help you identify any user changes which were unsuccessful, if any.

You will receive an email notification once the process is complete. 

Mike Schlanser,
Sep 19, 2013, 6:25 AM