Bulk Group Member Upload

The Bulk Group Member Upload tool allows you to add users to groups in bulk.

 .   Note that all "Upload" tasks require the file size to be under 1MB.

Download Template

Download our template by clicking here, or download the file at the bottom of the page. The first row contains these headers: 

  • groupId: This field is required. This is the group that the user will be added too.
  • userName: This field is required. This is the user that will be added to the group.
  • member/owner: This field is required. Specify whether the user being added will be a member or and owner of the group.

    The following contains important information on configuring your CSV file.

    Important! When editing your template the following headers must be present and in the following order:

    groupId, userName, member/owner

    If one of these headers are missing or not in the correct order, users may not be added to the groups. 
    The template should also be in the file format of CSV.

    Important! When editing your template do not add additional commas. A CSV file is a comma separated file. 
    Adding additional commas will cause the upload to fail.

    Important! We highly recommend making and editing your CSV files in Google Docs. Due to a difference in formatting, CSV
    files created and/or edited with the following software will not upload properly:
  • Open Office 

Upload CSV File

To get started, click the Bulk Group Member Upload link in the Bulk Operations page.

Click Choose File and navigate to the directory the CSV is located in.

Select the CSV and click Open.

Verify that you have selected right file and click Submit.

You will receive an email once the process is complete. 

Possible Errors while Uploading CSV

If a CSV is uploaded with an invalid field you will receive an email that looks similar to the image below. The email will still contain the successful uploads as well as the number of failed uploads. If you feel you are receiving an invalid error notification please contact our support team at support@promevo.com 

Unknown user,
Jul 30, 2012, 11:27 AM