Bulk Upload Profile Pictures

Bulk upload profile photos 

The bulk operations tool in gPanel now has a feature which allows for the bulk-uploading of your user's profile photos. In order to use this feature, you will need to create a folder that contains your user's profile photos. You will then need to rename the photos, and select the folder that those photos are located in when configuring the bulk operation. 

Set up Drive Folder and Photos

1.) Create a folder in your Google Drive account.  This folder will be the one that you will need to place your user's photos in that you wish to upload.

2.) Upload users' profile photos. Each photo will need to be renamed to match the user's primary Gmail email address, but will also need to keep the file type extension. 
    For example,  if the user's email address is user1@domain.com then the photo for the user's profile would be named user1@domain.com.png

3.) After creating and naming a folder in Drive, adding your user's photo's, and renaming the photos as mentioned in step 2, log into gPanel. 

Create and Run Bulk Operation 

1.) On gPanel, go to Tools > Bulk Operations, and select the option to create a new bulk operation. 

2.) For the bulk operation type, select Bulk Upload Profile Pictures, and select Next. 

3.) Click Select File. This will open a pop up window with a list of your Google Drive Folders. Click the folder you had created in step 2, and choose select. 

Note: If the File Selector is not appearing when you click 'select file' please make sure that it is not being blocked by a popup blocker. 

4.)  After selecting the folder, click Next. Review the details of the operation, and then click Submit

The bulk operation will then go through the photos within the folder selected and for each photo that matches a user's email address on your domain, it will upload that photo for that user.