Role Permissions

Depending on the template you selected you may need to go back and change permissions for your new role.

To edit the permissions on your new role click on the role that you want to change.

Next look through the different permission sets.

Admin Permission                 Docs Permission                 Contact Sync Permission

Organization Permission       Calendar Permission          Sites Permission

User Permission                     Resources Permission         Logging Permission

Groups Permission                 Profile Permission              Policy Permission 

Gmail Permission                  Contacts Permission

Those permissions that have check marks next to them are permissions that role currently has, permissions without the check marks are permissions that role currently does 
not have.

To remove a permission that a role currently has click on the check mark next to the permission, and the check mark will be removed.

To add a permission to a role click on the empty box next to the permission you want to enable and a check mark will appear in it.

Once you have made your changes be sure to click on the "Save" button or your work will be lost.

Example Role

For this example we are creating a custom administrator role that can only change and reset employees passwords.

Creating this "Password Admin" role will help free up time for the System Administrator by allowing another employee help out with lower level tasks.

We want our "Password Admin" to have the same permissions as a basic user, but also have the ability to change and reset passwords.

So we would first go to "User Permission", and make sure that only the permissions for "Set Password" and "Force Password Reset" were checked.

Since we also want our "Password Admin" to also have the permissions of a basic user we would make sure that all the permissions in "Contact Permission" are checked.

We also need to go to "Profile Permission" and make sure that only "Edit Own Profile" and "See The Profile Module" are checked off.

Next, we would clear out the other check marks in ALL the other permission sets.

Once you have made your changes be sure to click on the "Save" button or your work will be lost.