Role Permissions

After you create a role, you will need to select the permissions for your new role.

Look through the different permission sets, and decide what permissions your users need.

Admin Permissions                      Audit & Compliance Permissions              Drive Permissions                   Discovery Permissions                                           

Directory Permissions                           Calendars Permissions                     Sites Permissions                       Users Permissions                                                                 

Risk Management Permissions               Groups Permissions                        Tools Permissions                     Reporting Permissions         

Those permissions that have check marks next to them are permissions that role currently has, permissions without the check marks are permissions that role currently does 
not have.

To remove a permission that a role currently has click on the check mark next to the permission, and the check mark will be removed.

To add a permission to a role click on the empty box next to the permission you want to enable and a check mark will appear in it.

Once you have made your changes be sure to click on the "Save" button or your work will be lost.