Note: You must select which Notifications to monitor in the Role Permissions module before notifications will be sent.

Change Log Notifications are a useful tool for gPanel admins.
The Change Notifications module will notify you of any actions taken in gPanel.  It will notify the admin of records that are changed, added, or deleted, as well as the modules they used. These logs are very useful to locate errors, what information has been changed in a domain, and any actions that have been taken. Logs are not deleted, and you can see all the information that was recorded. 

You may choose to have it send a daily digest of changes or send immediate notifications through the Role Permissions tab.  Change Notifications will also appear through gPanel.

If you wish to set up notifications for user roles, click the User Roles link.

Change Log Settings

In the change log settings module is where you can change the minimum length of a change log that an admin must write when making a change.  To change the "Change Log Length", click inside the change log length field and enter the number of characters the administrator is required to enter after making a change.

Setting Notification for Administrator Roles

In the Users to Notify box, type the email of the users that you wish to receive notifications, then press Enter. The users you selected will appear below the field box.  To remove a user that you have added, simply click the "x" as shown in the picture below.

These Users will receive the notifications for the role permissions that were configured in the Permissions tab. 

Password Settings 

In the Password Settings module is where you can change if users can see the passwords instead of the masked password box. To make it so users can see passwords, enable Custom Passwords.