Custom Labeling

With this feature you can customize the look of the gPanel User Portal. You can customize the Header Color and set a custom Header Image. 

Important: Max resolution for the Header Image is 500x95 pixels. If the image exceeds this, it will be shrunk to fit. 

Select Header Color

You can choose the Header Color through the graphic interface or by entering the HSV values, RGB values, or Hexadecimal value. 

Once you have selected the color for the Header, click on Select Color. 

Select Header Image

The image must be a web hosted image that has a max resolution of 500x95 pixels. 

1) Enter the Image URL in the box. Click on Preview to generate a preview of the image. 

2) Once you have selected the Header Color and Header Image, click on Save. 

Enable User Portal

To enable the user portal you must configure the User Role. You can configure what actions the users will be able to take in the User Portal just as you would for the Admin Portal. Click here for a list of permissions. 
Please note that User permissions are in Blue.

Click here to learn more about creating roles. 

You can direct your users to our separate help documentation for the User Portal. Click here to view the gPanel User Portal Guide.