IP Intrusion

The IP Intrusion Settings feature allows you fine-grained control over who can sign in to gPanel and from what network(s).
With this module, you can restrict access to gPanel by the following:
  • Single IP Address
  • IP Address Range (e.g. -
  • User 
To enable this feature of gPanel, you must first set the IP Restricting toggle to Enabled.

This will prevent all other IP addresses and/or users from gaining access to gPanel except for the ones you white list in the next step.

White List Addresses and Users

Next, select whether you wish to allow access to a single IP address, a range of IP addresses, or a 
specific user account from the Add Address drop-down menu. 

After selecting the appropriate option, enter in the corresponding IP address(es) or user email address and click Add

The IP Address or user email will be added to the white list.  

Note: to remove an IP address or user from the whitelist, select it and click Remove Addresses.

Click Save to finalize your changes.